August 28. 2004
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Router Fence

full viewThis router fence features UHMW plastic adjustable pieces held in place by t-bolts and knobs. This material is eaisily milled and very slick. The UHMW plastic and all of the assorted hardware is available at Rockler's website. They also sell the special t-slot router bit needed to cut t-slots. The plastic fence parts can be replaced with just about any material including plywood depending on need. My fence is moveable by way of a pivot point and arched slot where it attaches to my router table. It could just as easily be attached to your router table with T-bolts in T-track, or you could just clamp it. Dust collection is by shop vac. The extra t-slots in the face of the fence make installing feather boards easy. The extra height allows more support for routing boards on edge.


rear view of fenceIn this picture you can see the attachment knobs, fence adjust knobs (5-star) and the dust collection box.



feather board pictureThe subfence is a piece of 3/4" plywood. Attached to this is a smaller piece of 3/4" plywood for the upper t-slot and below that the fence pieces tha the stock rides against. Overall it is 9" high and 22" long. All of the corners are rounded over to make it user friendly. The use of feather boards keep the stock tight to the table while being routed.

bit opening pictureThe bit opening in the base and sub fence is sized large enough to accommodate a 3 1/2" panel raising bit which is the largest bit I own.



Jointing Attachment

Since this fence features removable fence pieces making a set of router jointing fences is just a matter of making the out feed fence thicker than the infeed fence. To do this I first made two fence pieces out 3/4" plywood and glued a couple of thin strips of wood to the back of the out feed piece. In use I set the bit even with the out feed fence surface. As the workpiece passes over the cutter it removes a small amount of material. Good jointer technique is necessary for good results. As the work piece passes over the bit far enough you transfer pressure to the out feed side of the bit. The following pictures detail different parts of this fence attachment.

As mentioned on my homepage this fence is available for sale for $85. plus actuall shipping. Email me for more information. All of my jigs which are offered for sale are made afterordered so if there is a special need I may be able to accomodate you. The $85. price includes just the basic jig with one set of UHMW-PE fences, four T-bolts and knobs. Feather boards and jointing fence P.O.R.